Wow, it's been since July since I last posted on my blog. That's a cryin' shame. Verizon Business has been keeping me extremely busy, which is good. No time to blog though.

So, the point of this post, I'm attending actsasconference in Orlando next weekend. I'm very excited as this will be my first Rails conference!

As for non-professional projects, is rolling along, no major news to report on it but I'm pleased that it's visitor rate has been steady, and I'm still getting great fan mail on it a few times per week.

My latest non-pro Rails project is a virtual cash envelope budgeting system. I really like the idea of dividing paychecks up into envelopes, but who wants to keep that much cash laying around!? So I've been hard at work building a virtual likeness of it in Rails. Currently it uses Ruby Bayes to categorize transactions, OFX manual import, and soon I hope to automate the OFX part.

Well, here's to blogging every couple months.