I have sowed Arugula, Spinach, and Romaine seeds and all is coming up nicely except the Spinach. I didn't realize that Spinach doesn't germinate very well above 60F. We have been mostly near 85 lately, with a few delightful days in the high 70's. I sowed a pinch (maybe 5 seeds) per division, in a square of 9 divisions. Out of that I have only 2 Spinach sprouts! I've been scratching my head the last few days wondering why the germination rate is so low, and found this nice chart on the internets: http://tomclothier.hort.net/page11.html

Now the question is, will the seed in the ground now germinate when the cooler temps finally get here? Or will the seed spoil? Time will tell. I have plenty of seed left, so either way I'll be eating Spinach salads by January.

Here's one of the Arugula sprouts:

Here's some gorgeous Ruby Red Swiss Chard: