So I found my composter teeming with grubs. Did some googling, and determined that it's most likely Black Soldier Fly larva (, and turns out they reduce waste rather quickly and with only the smell of wet straw. I decided to see if there's any truth to this.

I threw in an over ripe peach right after lunch today with my coffee grounds from this morning's coffee. It's now about 2 hours later and the peach is gone, the coffee is nearly gone. I stuck my head down in the bin and took a whiff, preparing myself to gag. But wow, Google's correct, smells like wet hay. I've been dumping equal parts of dry leaves and kitchen scraps (plant based only) into this bin for a month now. It was almost full a week ago, and is not only 1/4 full. So something has been going on.

Next step, getting more brave, I just dumped a huge bowl of left over chicken that's been in the fridge way too long. I'll spare you the photos, it's revolting to look at. But I hope to report that my new grub friends will have converted all that chicken to compost by dinner time tonight.