I took advantage of the blazing hot 98 degree sunshine we had in August and September to solarize my garden.
I think I was hit by fusarium wilt at the end of my spring garden. After some bountiful harvests every thing wilted in a hurry. I read that putting clear plastic over the bed will cause it to heat up enough to kill all pathogens including fusarium, and weed seeds. On some days it was too hot to touch, so I think it worked well.

I started broccoli and cauliflower seeds several weeks ago in a cardboard egg crate. This worked pretty well, the cardboard saturated with water kept the seeds moist. They all germinated overnight, way faster than I expected. I have since moved the seedlings out into the garden and I'm shading them from the afternoon sun to harden them off. The red plastic cups are cutworm collars. I read that people use toilet paper rolls, and I suggested this to Spencer. He did this, but when it rained they disintegrated and cutworms mowed down some of his seedlings. I felt pretty bad about this so I gave him all my extra seedlings. Learning from Spencer's experience, I cut the top 2 inches off of some plastic cups to protect my seedlings. So far so good. The deer defense cage is in place. My peas and carrots were sowed a week ago and most have sprouted nicely. This morning I sowed my Swiss Chard. I don't think I have ever eaten Swiss Chard, so I'm excited to try it. I'll probably sow my Arugula, Romaine, and Spinach the weekend after next, which should put me eating some nice salads in December! In the butterfly garden we have a new brood of Monarch caterpillars. This time I happened to be looking out the window and see the Monarch butterfly in the act of laying her eggs! It was pretty cool, right after she finished her egg laying I shot a photo of one of the little white eggs. The yellow things are aphids, they love the milkweed, and the anole lizards love them! So now we have some tiny caterpillars feasting away on the milkweed.