• On Buddhism

    One idea that kept standing out in different forms in the books and the therapy sessions was this idea of mindfulness. It was presented in many different ways: prayer, meditation, ‘being with’ my emotions, being still. I quickly figured out that in the darkest moments of depression, just simply whispering to myself “I’m sad” made me feel a tiny bit better. When I was having a panic attack, just being still and whispering to myself “I’m scared”, was soothing. I was experiencing the benefit of mindfulness and yet only just scratching the surface.

  • A New Path

    Just months before my marriage ended, I had ticked off an item on my bucket list. I had loaded the kids in an RV and driven cross country, from Louisville, KY all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back. It was epic, with stops at Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Olympic National Park, and more. My wife and I survived 2 months in a 23 foot RV with 3 kids, I thought we were bullet proof.


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