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This is the first of what hopefully will be a series of brain dump posts of my journey from practicing Christianity to practicing Buddhism.

I grew up going to a mix of Christian private schools, public schools, and different churches. I’ve sat in all sorts of churches from mild Methodist to weird and wild full gospel Pentecostal. My parents were Christians, and tried very hard to raise my brother and me to be good Christian men.

The older I became, the more suspicious I became of what was being taught in sermons, Bible study groups, my so called “accountability” partners. Every one of them believed that the Bible is infallible, perfect, inspired by God Himself. Yet, everyone had an interpretation of what it meant, and how it applied to me. The Bible is full of contradictions that are confusing, yet most just explain these away with words that sound good and convincing, yet still leave the issues unresolved.

Beyond the problems the Bible presents, the teachings of Jesus are of benevolence, compassion, empathy, and equanimity. All wonderful practices that are valuable and useful to humanity.

I tried real hard to be the man of God I felt that I was called to be. But there was something that felt off about the whole charade. It wasn’t until I took a hard look at myself that it began to make sense. Thus began my metamorphosis from Christian to Buddhist.

In the posts that follow, I hope to articulate in small installments, how my journey progressed, and how my thinking changed.